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Hyolyn's Love & Hate album review

hyolyn love&hate

This review is long overdue as I purchased Hyolyn (Hyorin) of SISTAR's first solo album when it was released last year. "One way love" is very catchy, and I've also grown to like the other title track "Lonely" although at first it bothered me how Hyolyn sings almost the entire song in a held-back, breathy falsetto. On the other hand her voice soars in the two strong ballads "Closer" and "Falling". Of all the rapper-featured songs in the album, "O.M.G" with Geeks' Lil Boi is the most fun, "Red Lipstick" with Block B's ZICO is all right, "Stalker" sounds too much like Mad Clown feat. Hyolyn instead of the other way around, while "Massage" I skip most of the time because I simply can't stand Dok2's rapping voice and the weird dance break. Hyolyn doesn't really need too many rappers to overshadow her because she's able to shine just fine on her own, and not to mention raps by herself in "One way love". 8.5/10

Favorites: 너 밖에 몰라 (One way love), Lonely, Closer, Falling, O.M.G (Feat.Lil Boi)
Okay ones: 오늘 밤 (Tonight), 립스틱 짙게 바르고 (Red Lipstick) [Feat.ZICO], 사랑 하지 마 (Don’t love me)
Kinda meh: 스토커 (Stalker) [Feat.Mad Clown], 마사지 (Massage) [Feat.Dok2]
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