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[multi-chapter] Counting the Ways - Chapter 2

Title: Counting the Ways - Chapter 2
Type: Multi-chapter
Word count: 1,388
Rating: PG
Pairing: Koyama/Shige
Summary: Koyama and Shige describe the ways they amaze each other. With honorable mention of Yamapi’s moobs in this chapter XD

* Read Chapter 1 here *


Shige is known for his many talents. He is also known for his absolutely epic fail moments, but we’re not here to talk about that, are we? Anyway, as I was saying, Shige’s talents are numerous, but one of those for which he is most famous is his skills with the camera. It started from a simple hobby that just about any person could have. I mean, I like to take pictures too, mostly with my phone. But Shige went further with it and developed that hobby to become something more. Now when people talk about Shige they would immediately associate him with photography.

Shige once said he is into stuff like cooking, fishing and taking pictures because he likes to do things with his hands. But to take good pictures not only do you need skillful hands, but also a watchful eye and a feel for the art of photography. I think that’s what makes the pictures Shige’s takes so interesting: he sees things the way not many people do, and when he takes photos he makes us see them from his unique point of view.

There are a lot of things that Shige likes to take photos of. Scenery. Animals. People. Me. It’s a perfect combination: he likes to take pictures and I like to be in them. It wouldn’t be unusual to see my face in eight out of ten photos that he takes. Although in some of them I put on what he mockingly calls my “silly face”, in some others I’d see myself from a different angle, or witness a side of me that even I have never seen before. And it’s very flattering to think that someone sees you, really sees you the way no one else does. Shige is quite the only person that can make me feel that way.

However, he does occasionally photographs other people, especially when the editorial staff over at Wink Up magazine tells him to submit pictures of someone else for the Photoshigenic page ― preferably the other members, preferably someone he rarely takes photos of (In other words: “Enough pictures of Koyama-san already, please, Kato-san.”). Despite knowing this I was still quite surprised when I opened the magazine one day and saw a picture of Yamapi in the column.

“When did you take this?” I asked the photographer himself, who has been lounging beside me on my living room sofa since he came in an hour ago.

“What?” Shige lifted his eyes from the novel he was reading. “Oh, that. It was during the Hawaii trip. I told him I wanted to take a picture and he just sort of posed for me at the beach, and there it goes.” He peered over my shoulder at the sepia-toned photo and grinned. “It turned out really good, huh?”

“...Yeah. Real good.” I bit my lip. “Hey, how come you never take photos of me like this?”

“Like what ― wearing swimming trunks? I’ve got tons of those.”

“No, I mean... like this,” I gestured at the graceful figure of Yamapi’s well-built body, his skin bared to the waist. “I never look like this in your pictures.”

“Well, that’s because you don’t look like that.” He nodded meaningfully at the photo before returning to his novel. But I lifted my eyebrows indignantly, pushed the book down from his face and challenged, “What’s that supposed to mean?”

He sighed, throwing his head back against the couch. “Nothing.”

“You wanted to say that I don’t look good because I don’t have man-boobs.”

“I never said that!”

Without even meaning to I glanced self-consciously at my own chest ― admittedly flat compared to Yamapi’s. “Fine,” slamming the magazine on the coffee table, I got up with a huff and walked to the kitchen. I looked for something to do and decided to grab some bread and peanut butter to make myself a sandwich.

Shige called over to me from the living room in an exasperated voice, “Oi. Koyama, come on.” I pointedly ignored him and tried to concentrate on spreading the peanut butter evenly on a slice of bread. I heard Shige rising from the sofa and approaching me, but I pretended not to notice. Then suddenly I felt him hugging me from behind, his face nuzzled against my cheek.

“Don’t be stupid, Kei,” he whispered, sending shivers down my spine for calling me the name he only used with me in bed. “You know you’re worth a thousand Yamapis to me.”

I stayed quiet, but my hands slowly let go of the knife and bread to rest over Shige’s arms wrapped around my body. He started cooing breathily in my ear, “You’re the Ernie to my Bert, the Pooh to my Piglet...”

“Why can’t I be Piglet?” I cut in.

“You can be Piglet if you like. But actually Pooh is the one with very little brain. ―Ow.” I might have elbowed him a little too hard there.


After that little episode was over, I thought of doing something for Koyama just to reassure him and get rid of any weird ideas he might be having. And so it was that I called him one afternoon and asked without so much as a greeting, “Are you home yet?”

“What...?” I could hear the confusion in his voice. “No, I just got out of the elevator. What’s the matter?”

“You haven’t got in yet? Good. I just want to make sure. I prepared a little something for you in your apartment.”

I can just imagine the surprise and excitement showing on Koyama’s face. “For me? What is it?”

“Well it wouldn’t be fun if I told you! You gotta see it for yourself.”

“Okay, I’m just about to go in.” The sound of a key being turned in the lock, and then the door being opened. “I’m home! So what is it, Shige? You’re making me curious!”

The fervent anticipation in his voice made me chuckle. “Just look around.”

A few quiet seconds, and then Koyama said, “Oooh! I see it! Is it the package standing against the wall? It looks big. It looks like... Shige, is it a painting? Oh, I know — it must be a picture!”

I flipped my phone shut and quietly got out from the bedroom where I’ve been hiding. “Why don’t you open it then?”

Koyama, who had his back to me, jumped in fright before turning around to see me. “Shige, you nearly shocked me to death! You could’ve just told me you were already here.”

“I could, but then it’d be half as fun.” I laughed as Koyama punched me playfully on the arm. “So what are you waiting for? Open it.”

Koyama spared no second thought and immediately lifted the package, tearing the brown wrapping paper with quick movements. He gasped when he saw what was revealed beneath it.

I sidled closer beside him, unable to stop myself from beaming proudly. “Do you like it?”

“Shige, this is... When did you―” He was at a loss for words and could only stare open-mouthed at the large framed photograph. It was a picture I took last winter of him walking in the snow with a row of white mountains in the background, fresh snow sprinkled on his hair. His body was half-turned to the camera, a genuinely happy smile on his face. The clear white surroundings provided a nice contrast to his rosy cheeks. It was a moment of pure beauty that I was lucky enough to catch on film.

“Our last winter vacation, remember? The snow was just starting to fall and you had this really serene smile on your face. In the midst of all the cold your smile was the warmest thing I could find.”

Koyama had been transfixed with the picture, but when he heard what I said he turned to look at me. “Shige, this is really beautiful. Thank you.”

“No. You are beautiful.” I put a hand on his cheek and pinched it softly. “So now you can stop worrying about me taking pictures of other people, all right?”

He giggled and pressed his nose against mine. “You’re amazing, you know that?”

“That’s because I have a great muse.”

I was rewarded with a slow, deep kiss, which was just as warm as his smile.
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