Julie (carmine_pink) wrote,

[drabble] Comfort

Title: Comfort
Type: Drabble
Word count: 606
Rating: PG
Pairing: Koyama/Shige
Summary: Shige gets some much needed comfort. Written for the koyashigedake February fanfic prompt “Soukon”.
This one’s for ivonnemcgruder, because I wouldn’t even have thought of this if it weren’t for her.

"Will you stop laughing already?" Shige grumbled while opening the door to his apartment, Koyama tagging along behind him. The request seemed to have the opposite effect since Koyama burst into a fresh fit of giggles interspersed with a number of vaguely coherent words, some of which sounded like 'hilarious' and 'awesome'. Shige decided to ignore him altogether and went into the bathroom for a long, hot shower that hopefully can help put the events earlier in the day behind him.

What happened was that during the day's shoot for Soukon, he fell. They were supposed to run down a small hill but in the middle of it he tripped on his own two feet and, as if it wasn't already embarrassing enough, rolled down the hill for a bit. The other three members were all sympathetic, rushing to his aid to see if he was okay, but once he assured them of no bodily harm, Massu had the cheek to ask the cameraman to see the recording again. They all laughed when they saw it, the members, the staff, even the deliveryman who came to drop their lunch. Of course not all of it would make the final cut, because even the staff seemed able to discern the limits of humiliation a Johnny's idol can endure. "But can we at least keep this close-up shot of your face just before the fall, Kato-san? Your expression was so priceless—" It was only Shige's exhaustive knowledge of the criminal charges he could face that prevented him from strangling the AD.

Koyama was still there when Shige got out of the bathroom with only a towel wrapped around the lower part of his body. He felt the older man's searching gaze on him and asked defensively, "What?"

"What's that?" Koyama sprang from the sofa in an instant, eyeing a large purplish bruise on the right side of Shige's waist concernedly.

"Well I can't exactly fall down a hill without getting a bump or two, can I?" growled Shige as he walked to the refrigerator to get some ice. But Koyama was quicker, pushing him away gently as he opened the fridge himself. "I'll get the ice for you. Just sit down."

Still sulking as he was, Shige obeyed anyway and plopped on the couch, immediately closing his eyes. He only opened them again when he felt Koyama sitting down beside him. Koyama had wrapped the ice pack in a washcloth and now he was pressing it gently against the bruise, smiling as Shige's lips parted to let out a contented sigh.

"Does it feel better?" Koyama asked.

"A little." Shige's tone was less hostile, though the dash of bitterness in it wasn’t entirely gone. "Would've been better if you all hadn't laughed at me so much."

"Oh, you poor thing," with his right hand Koyama pulled Shige's head to his shoulder, while his other hand maintained the steady pressure of the cold compress. Shige’s bare skin was warm and silken to the touch, smelling of fresh soap. "We didn't know you were hurt. But don't worry," Koyama’s voice dropped to a teasing whisper. "Keiichiro is here to lick your wounds."

Shige let a few seconds of silence pass before responding, "Don't say that."

"Why not?"

"When you use such words as 'lick', there shall be certain..." Shige cleared his throat, "—responsibilities that follow."

"I see," Koyama remarked intelligently. "Well, I think I'm ready to take on those responsibilities. So what do you say?"

Shige lifted his head to look Koyama in the eye, the corners of his mouth drawn up to a smile. "I'm all yours."
Tags: fanfic

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